A Greeting from the Mayor of Sakura

Welcome to the homepage of Sakura Kusabue-no-oka Rose Garden.

Kusabue-no-Oka Rose Garden was opened in 2006 through collaboration between Sakura City and the Rose Culture Institute (a non-profit organization). The garden features approximately 2,500 roses, of 1,050 different varieties, on 13,000 square meters (3.2 acres) of land.
The ample garden collection reached its current level thanks to being enhanced year by year. The core of the collection consists of the precious heritage roses inherited from the late Mr. Seizo Suzuki (a rose breeder who was beloved as 'Mr. Rose'), as well as many rare varieties kindly donated by rose lovers from all over the world. One characteristic of this garden is that it is not just meant to be a pleasant place to appreciate roses, but it also aims to be a 'museum of roses'. The garden is divided into 16 zones according to different themes, thereby helping people to learn about the long history of roses while enjoying viewing the flowers. Indeed, it is a kind of 'field museum' for learning about overall rose history, as well as the distinctive character of each variety.
In 2012, friendships cultivated through roses blossomed here in Sakura - that year, the 12th International Heritage Rose Conference was held in our city. I believe that that conference was significant, as it offered a good opportunity to help visitors understand the academic role of Kusabue-no-oka Rose Garden, the charms of roses, and the culture developed through the long history of these flowers.
Furthermore, in February, 2014, Kusabue-no-oka Rose Garden received the Rose Garden Hall of Fame Award from the Great Rosarians of the World program of San Marino, in the U.S. This award is presented to commendable rose gardens worldwide, and this was the first awarded to a garden in Asia. The reasons for the award were Kusabue-no-Oka's promotion of rose culture through collection and preservation of original species and old roses, and also the dedicated operation and management work in the garden facilities by volunteers. Having such an award-winning rose garden is a true pleasure for both Sakura City and its citizens, who can be very proud of it both inside and outside the country. Needless to say, as the mayor of Sakura, it is a great honor for me, as well.

Our roses have grown marvelously, raised with love by many people, beyond what we could have imagined when the garden was first opened. Visitors can now feast their eyes on these lovely flowers, while giving thought to the long history behind them.
In collaboration with Sakura citizens, including first and foremost the Rose Culture Institute, the City of Sakura will pour even more effort into making our rose garden an attractive and unique one in the world, which we can all be proud of. We would be very pleased if you could pay a visit someday to our garden to enjoy its pleasant atmosphere, created by the fragrant, graceful heritage roses.

Thank you.